Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Basically I love to watch someone to dance, especially a cool style of dance. I also loves to dance but I am a kind of person who is totally not talented in dancing, whenever i dance,

Well that is just me, so what I want to say here is I like dancing but not good at it, so I just adore someone whose good at it. my favorite artist is
Eunhyuk, he is so cool when dancing. >///<
Next are I like Poreotix, their dance style is so cutely cool.. >__<

and lastly, the latest korean group that really catch my eyes is Exo. Their dancing style in their latest music video is so cool.

So that all about my favorite artist.. :)

Playing sports like a boss man~~

Today is a very tiring day. We have sports~~ =_=''
But, even so I'm deadly tired, I feel satisfied as I give my all in participating in every competition today, and feel so healthy and my whole body is so sore..
The most tiring sport is, when we need to run 400 meters in 80 second to get full marks which is completely impossible for me..  I run with all my might, when I finished the race my world when blank.. it so dark that I thought I lost my sight and about to die.. ahahahaha, that feeling is so wired~~
Then I just let my body fell down to the ground to have a little quick rest,which is not good. then my friend helps me in relieving my tiredness, and I discover that by having someone to push your feet after running like crazy is the best.. thanks to Affiiza and Fami for the 'feet pushing treatment', and of course thanks to Syaza and Arif because give me mineral water today, I forgot to bring mine~~ Thanks to Coreen and Sean for giving me moral support when I'm running.. You guys are so sweet~~
And also thanks to Hani for teaching me a lot about sports today, I've learnt a lot...
As for Shellianz, I feel so happy today as everyone is contributing and no fighting happened, I feel that we are the best team.. And the cheer leading song and stuff is so cute, especially the "hot to go" one..
If you are reading this shellianz, make sure that you know that I love you guys so much~~
Thanks to everyone. so bye for now, I want to finish my 9gag .. heheheheheh~~