Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Yellow Mountain

A place where I really want to go. 
The first time I know about this place is when I have to do research on a discussion presentation on Mrs Darchaini subject (speaking and listening skills) My topic is about a nice place to spent your vacation, so I found this place.. it is so damn nice as I can spent my vacation with a challenging style.
I am a person who afraid of height, and I hate that weakness,
 so I really do want to attend this kind of vacation which I can improve my braveness in height. Besides the place is so nice, some website said that everyone who go to this mountain become a professional photographer, as the scenery is very photogenic, well that fit me perfectly as I love taking picture so much, even so I don't have a cool camera like DLSR. So no talking anymore, here the picture

Some blog also said that this place could have 4 seasons in one day, how cool is that??