Monday, 23 April 2012

Promoting Kirkby~~

Kirkby International College, a place where every occasion is being celebrated together with different races harmonically.. . The celebration that conducted so far are, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, and Maulidur Rasul. 
Chinese new year celebration
Deepavali celebrationso sorry I don't have the Maulidur rasul celebration picture.
It is so cool that we comes first place in all of the three celebration competition.  
Recently, our college also conducted a sport event.. It was so much fun. Im so proud as the event is conducted by the college student themselves.. *round of applause guys..
But, sadly our class didn't manage to get first place in this event, in fact a lot of our members got injured during participating this event. 
But even so, as mention by everyone, we do have fun as we gone through the event with a classmate spirit.. 
We are the cool sweaty blacky team... 

Love ya Shellianzz~~